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Standing Proud

The Background

Introducing "Standing Proud: A Collection of Our Asian Voices": a completely original, devised, ethnographic production made up of three separate pieces each featuring stories from the hearts & minds of the cast. From our childhood memories, to familial stories, to what we have witnessed in the news: we have integrated these experiences rooted in identity into a piece that to us, authentically encompasses aspects of what it is like to be Asian living in America. 

Christina is the creator and director of this production. In her director bio she states that she created "Standing Proud" because she has not seen much of herself within theatre and entertainment in general. She wanted to allow the opportunity for herself and other Asian artists to create something that they believe is truly representative or themselves and aspects of the Asian experience.

"We deserve to take up space!" - Christina


"If we don't stand proud with our identities, then how should we expect others to stand proud with us?"

Christina Leilani Campbell

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