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Selected Poems

"Aloha and Welcome to Hawai'i"

A poem on the Lahaina Wildfires and how the world responded. Leilani raised $1,000 for the community of Lahaina following the fires. Check out her fundraiser here. 


"Hiroko is 9 Months Old"

A poem on the atomic bombs dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima during WW2. An exploration of one woman (Hiroko's) experiences growing up following living through this horrific tragedy at 9 months old.


"Freshly Cut Watermelon"

TW: Sexual Assault

A poem on my experience with stealthing. This happens to 1 in 10 women in America. It is only illegal in 1 out of 50 states. This piece serves as a way to educate women and humanity through a deeply personal true story.


The Power of Poetry

Spoken Word Poetry is a powerful tool that can be beneficial to any space. It is a medium to heal, to educate and to celebrate. My pieces are a captivating fusion of storytelling and poetry that not only resonates with souls, but also challenges perspectives. 

What can I do for you? 

1. Perform: I can perform one of my already existing pieces at your event. My work tackles various relevant social issues and would be a great addition to any event with a focus on social justice, personal development or cultural exploration. Please see a full list of my spoken word poems here. 


2. Customize: I can write a customized poem to cater to specific needs of an event or branding. I can create messaging for spaces ranging from cultural festivals, to social justice conferences, to corporate events, to educational programs, to weddings and so much more! 

Get in Touch
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