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Original Plays

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"A Walk to School"

Connie, Sheila and Jason are getting ready for the first day of their sophomore year. They have three different ethnic backgrounds, exist in three different time periods, and yet are faced with an eerily similar experience on their individual walks to school. We see how each of them are forced to grow up too fast in worlds where history repeats itself, while being shown how powerful human connection and experiences can be.

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"When I Grow Up"

Mariko is head over heels in love with Matty Mitchell: the most popular boy in their first grade class. That is until he moves away to Utah. They eventually find themselves reuniting at a college frat party where we see a heartbreaking reality of how the world often views women like Mariko. Through laughs, tears and an exploration of the past and present, we are taught that xenophobia presents itself differently within various times and spaces.

"Making Kimchi Soup"

Nina and her mother Yukiko are like any other mother-daughter pair. They laugh, fight, cry and sometimes even cook dinner together. One night as they are making Kimchi soup for Nina's grandmother who is visiting from Japan, Yukiko is confronted with a dark family secret that she has been grappling with for years. The push for Yukiko to protect her daughter from the past and the pull for Nina to understand where she comes from is highlighted in this piece that is as spicy and comforting as Kimchi soup.

"Connie + Pookie"

Ever since they met in Mrs. O’Leary’s 8th grade class, Connie and Pookie were the absolute bestest of friends. Until a horrific incident tears their friendship apart and puts Connie on death row. Decades later, Pookie visits Connie on the day before her execution. During the visit, the two watch their younger selves play back what led to where they are now. Humor, blood, friendship, 60s references, a talking stuffed bunny, trauma, mental illness, the Vietnam war, misogyny, resilience, the power of forgiveness and butter pecan cake are all things you can find in this rollercoaster of a piece.

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